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Praise for Billi’s work:

“You are documenting people’s lives. You are capturing their essence in your photographs & you’re holding space of safety to allow vulnerability & honesty. Your spirit is such a gift, Billi!” – Amanda A.

“I just looked at all of the edited photos you took for us. As I wipe away a tear so thankful for the memories you managed to capture not just for us, but for James’ parents, as well. You did an amazing job! Thank you so much!” – Tanya W.


Photography of your farm to remember forever……. “heirloom art” that will capture your family’s unique spirit and individual story…… no studios, no material backdrops, no artificial lighting. It will be you, your family, your farm, your land. Let me follow you for a day….. forget I’m even there. What will result will be a soul-touching collection of photographs you can pass down for generations. Your farm and your family forever remembered.

True. Honest. Real…….

The heart of my work is in creating heirloom-quality art for my clients that keeps their farms’ legacy alive…… forever. That is why I do what I do.

I’m Billi J Miller and I have fallen madly in love with the permanence + pride of prairie farm life. I capture that in photos. I thrive on capturing passion, genuineness, and candid moments. I especially love taking photos that aren’t staged, aren’t overly posed, and are more natural and honest. That’s when you see the “soul” come through.

I live in the central Prairies and I draw my inspiration from the amazing surroundings I’m lucky to call home. Imagine a meaningful collection of photos that freeze in time the rush and adrenaline of the years’ harvest….. or maybe seeding one of your crops……. branding your cattle……… or having a harvest meal in one of your fields. Please browse through my gallery and see if this is a style of keepsake you’d like of your farm and of your family. What I create will be customized, unique and original: just like you!

True. Honest. Real. Photos tell stories – let me tell yours…..