Celebrating the “Hearts of the Farm”

“My heart often wonders how beautiful our tomorrows would have been…”

Rebecca K

20 years later | Anniversary Session

“My heart often wonders how beautiful our tomorrows would have been.”

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Interviews are coming in from women all across Canada for this next book – you’ll hear “hilarious stories from life on the farm” from Ontario dairy farmers and even farmers from Nova Scotia. They’ll talk candidly about what they find challenging too.

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“Truth be told, the word “farmwife” irks me” and other less than warm responses

March 22 2017:

It’s been a productive winter for book writing. Harvest ’16 on our farm didn’t officially end until December 4 (a record) so “farm-wise” the winter work has been very behind schedule. As my husband worked tirelessly to catch up on cattle work, we instead opted out of a winter holiday and I honed in on the writing of Farmwives 2.

As of March, I am nearing signing my Publishing agreement and have interviewed more than 20 women from different parts of Canada. I’d love to include more but I need to keep the book under 5 lbs 😉 The final products’ slated release date is early 2018.

What is a “farmwife” anyway? I was reading an article recently by my friend Elaine Froese (Certified Farm Family Coach & Author) – titled: “Are you a Farmwife or a Farminist?” (worth a look)

It’s a good read – but, especially fitting for me during this stage of my writing. I have been very clear since the initial contact with the women that (and I quote): “I am very aware that the term “farmwife” will mean very different things to everyone. I am sure my meaning of the word means something different than yours. And, that is fine. THIS BOOK WILL PROUDLY celebrate all of it!” etc etc etc.

However, despite this… I’ve received a couple of “less than warm” responses when requesting interviews:

1) “Truth be told, the word “farmwife” irks me” and

2) “I am not a farmwife, I’m a farmer. Thanks anyway!”

We’re all entitled to our viewpoints, and truthfully these responses solidified my passion even more for why this second book is needed. I purposely only interviewed women 55 and over in my first book “Farmwives in Profile” because I  knew that I was going to dedicate a whole  book on the “next generations” of women 55 and under. I wanted to hear and explore how the farming lifestyle is changing for women.

So, why am I writing Farmwives 2? Simple. Farming in today’s world can often mean “modern families” being caught in what is still very much a “traditional” occupation and lifestyle. This book celebrates the evolution and innovation necessary for the perseverance and success of farming in Canada.

I can tell you now as (I’m more than 16 interviews) into my second book that “being a farmwife” is absolutely not extinct (despite what you may have heard). Tradition is still very alive and well. But, there are movers and shakers too!

That’s what this 2nd book is about. Watch for it in early 2018.

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October 26 2017


Farmwives Book 2 – Alberta Author seeking farm women 55 and under from across Canada

October 16 2016:

It’s time to touch base on the writing (and title) of my second #farmwivesbook. Truth be told – I haven’t officially nailed down the title just yet. I have ideas and “it’s coming” but just as with the writing of my first book “I’ll know when I have it” and it’s just not quite there yet.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you (in particularly so many of you from Alberta & Saskatchewan) who have already communicated interest in being a part of this amazing project with me. And, thank you for your patience while I put all the stages together. And, now I reach out to the rest of you, rural Canada. Whether or not you consider yourself a “farmwife”… If you are married, with or without children, and especially if you have children and have decided to still pursue other passions… I want to hear from you! In particular, I need to capture women from Central Canada and Atlantic Canada. Thank you for sharing your thoughts via #farmwivesbook.

Please do get in contact with me via: – email: Thanks for being here & for reading.

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