SNEAK PEEKS into the lives of the NEW Canadian Farmwives

In January 2016, I launched my labour of love and debut book celebrating the lives and contributions of traditional farmwives between the ages of 55-90 on Canadian family farms. Their tireless devotion to their families, farms and communities needed to be honoured. You can find that book here, and see press on the warmly received project here.

Now it’s the “next generations” turn. My second #farmwivesbook is slated for release in early 2018 and I’ve interviewed farm women from across Canada about how things are changing, what their challenges are and hilarious stories too. Be prepared to be inspired.

SNEAK PEEK 1: Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel | Saskatchewan

SNEAK PEEK 2: Kathryn Doyle | Alberta

SNEAK PEEK 3: Amanda Hammond O’Connell | Ontario

SNEAK PEEK 4: Nicolle Downey | Prince Edward Island

SNEAK PEEK 5: Tiffany Martinka | Saskatchewan

SNEAK PEEK 6: Irmgard “Irmi” Critcher | British Columbia

SNEAK PEEK 7: Amy VanderHeide | Nova Scotia

SNEAK PEEK 8: Eva Rehak | New Brunswick

SNEAK PEEK 9: Meghin “Megz” Reynolds | Saskatchewan

SNEAK PEEK 10: Laura Waterfield | Alberta

SNEAK PEEK 11: Nancy Lester-Rideout | Newfoundland

SNEAK PEEK 12: Jennifer Doelman | Ontario


Book 1 Available now:


Book 2 – coming early 2018: 

Author Billi J Miller lives with her husband and 2 children on a more than 100-year old mixed cattle & grain farm on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan in the Canadian Prairies. She is an award-winning farm photographer, freelance writer & author who has no plans to stop telling the stories of inspiring Canadians.