Sneak Peek 13: Lynn Prevost | Saskatchewan





Lynn Prevost is someone I came across via social media. She is an active ‘ag-vocate’ of the farming life, and of the people who do it! I was finally able to meet her in person in November 2016, and I’m thrilled she agreed to take part in this book. She lives near Rose Valley, Saskatchewan, where she’s lived for the last twenty years.


Q: What does the term ‘farmwife’ mean to you, and do you consider yourself to

be one?”

A: “The term farmwife is taken too lightly, I find. I really do prefer the “Farmher”

title, taken from a business woman in the United States. I also like to be referred

to as a “Harvesther,” I feel that farmwife really does not hold the title it should.

Farmwives do far beyond what they are given credit for.”


Q: How long have you been married, and if you have children, how many do you

have? Is this your first marriage?

A: “This is not my first marriage. We have been married for thirteen years. We are

a blended family of five children. Two are mine, and three my husband’s.”


Q: What is a hilarious story you can share about life on your farm?

A: “A funny story of me learning to operate the tractor/grain cart was my first

time unloading into the truck. The hired man (who had more patience to teach

me than my farmer husband did) went with me for one cartful. He then jumped

out of the tractor to guide me in filling the truck. I had the chute of the cart wide

open (it had to be because it was coming out full speed). He was signalling to me

to back up and fill the front hopper of the semi. I put it in reverse and oh my, did

I reverse! I just about knocked him off the truck, and filled the stacks of the truck

with grain along with the hood of the truck. My husband came with a full hopper

in combine to see what was wrong, took one look at what I had just accomplished

and went back towards the field and sat there until I came to him.”


Q: On some Canadian farms where multiple families are involved, there are a variety

of land- and home-ownership complexities that still exist today. In terms of the ownership setup of your farm, is there anything that worries you about your own or your children’s security?

A: “We are a blended family, therefore there is always concern. I want things to

be fair to all of them. I can only pray and hope that how we have decided that

things should be looked after when we are gone are met. My biggest fear is fighting

amongst the children when we are gone. I worked for a lawyer in my days

before farm life and have seen too often what can happen over greed. When I left

my husband I walked away with nothing. At that time I was looking for my happiness,

not money. If more people realized that money does not buy happiness, this

world would be a much better place to live.


The author Billi J Miller lives with her husband and 2 daughters on a 107-year old mixed cattle & grain farm on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan in the Canadian Prairies. Her Farmwives Book Project has seen one book already published in January 2016, and this second book will launch this March. She is an award-winning farm photographerfreelance writer & author who has no plans to stop telling the stories of inspiring Canadians. She’s on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you can find more of her work here.