Sneak Peek 4: Nicolle Downey | Prince Edward Island


Sneak Peek #4 into the lives of the “New Canadian Farmwives” comes to us from Tarantum, Prince Edward Island! Nicolle and her husband Chris have been married for eight years and have three beautiful children. They farm together growing soybean, corn, wheat and barley as well as forages for their Black Angus cow/calf herd.

I asked Nicolle to share a hilarious story about life on her farm, and this is what she had to say:

“The time my husband asked me to tow him home in the tractor, with his big dually truck… he told me not to go past 3rd gear, but when I looked back in my mirror he was holding his hand up and moving it. I assumed that meant 5th gear, so I sped up into 5th and he was holding on for dear life in the tractor as I towed him going about 100 kilometres per hour (he was in fact actually telling me to stop or slow down!) To this day I still can’t tell the story without laughing. Not to mention when we were going down the road, it was Fall time and the neighbours were out in the potato field harvesting potatoes and they were thinking: ‘What the heck is going on?? They must be in a hurry!’”

When I asked her “if there was any piece of advice you wish you had received when beginning you life as a farmwife?”, she simply answered:

“I wish I would have known how tough times can be, but how amazing the good times are!”


Author Billi J Miller lives with her husband and 2 children on a more than 100-year old mixed cattle & grain farm on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan in the Canadian Prairies. She is an award-winning farm photographer, freelance writer & author who has no plans to stop telling the stories of inspiring Canadians. Her first book is available for purchase online and through any major bookstore. This second #Farmwivesbook will launch in Spring 2018. Sign up for sneak peeks straight to your inbox here and to keep up with the launch.