Sneak Peek 5: Tiffany Martinka | Saskatchewan

Sneak Peek #5 into the lives of the “New Canadian Farmwives”

Tiffany Martinka hails from a grain and broiler chick operation in rural northeast Saskatchewan near St. Benedict. She and her husband Lane live there with their three children.

Q: Briefly describe your family farm business and it’s key players. If you have a business or career “off the farm”? Tell me about that, too.

A: Our family farm involves multiple families.  Originally it was 3 brothers (my husbands father and two uncles) who started Martinka Dairy.  As time progressed, they either had to completely upgrade the dairy or get out.  They chose to get out of dairy and instead invest in a broiler chick operation.  When it came time for my husband (4th-generation) to farm full time, we began the process of buying out my father-in-laws third of the corporation.  So, currently we farm with two uncles.  Our farm places 100,000 chicks each cycle and we also farm 2000 acres of grainland.  I also have a full time career in the agriculture industry.  I have spent a few years as an extension agronomist and am now currently in a sales role working closely with producers and Ag retail.   I also believe strongly in agriculture advocacy.  I have been working on building my blog where you can follow our farm story.

I asked Tiffany her thoughts on what the term ‘farmwife’ means and if she considers herself to be one, and this is what she had to say:

A: “Meeting many farm families over the years, the term farmwife means so much more to me than ever before.  To me, she is the one quietly behind the scenes, ensuring everything is operating smoothly.  She is primary caregiver for the children, she is ensuring fridge is stocked and complete meals are on the table – which isn’t an easy task when for some farm women, the closest grocery store is a half an hour or more away.  Many times it is the farmwife that completes all the bookwork for the farm and ensure all documentation needed for the farm season is up to date.  Farmwives are the support that the farm needs in order to successfully operate.  They are chameleons that transform to fit whatever role the farm needs that day.  While I do consider myself a farmwife, I don’t think that is the only title that I place on myself.  We all have many labels such as “Brandt’s mom,” “runner,” “territory manager.”  I think it is also important to note that many farmwives would also be considered “farmer.”  Each one of us manages this role differently in a way that works for us, our family, and our farm.  I am proud to be a farmwife and support our farm to the best of my ability.”

Q: Have there been any “new” traditions that you started in your family that were important to you?     

A: No electronics or TV on at the supper table!

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{Above photo credit by: Damara Lynn Photography}

Author Billi J Miller lives with her husband and 2 children on a more than 100-year old mixed cattle & grain farm on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan in the Canadian Prairies. She is an award-winning farm photographer, freelance writer & author who has no plans to stop telling the stories of inspiring Canadians. Her first book is available for purchase online and through any major bookstore. This second #Farmwivesbook will launch in Spring 2018. Sign up for sneak peeks straight to your inbox!